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Causes and Solutions for Water Stains

Nov , 26
Causes and Solutions for Water Stains

Causes and Solutions for Water Stains
If you’ve noticed brown spots or patches on your ceiling, then odds are you have water stains. The good thing about water stains is that they don’t always mean that you have extensive damage. In fact, some water stains are easy to clean up. First, though, you need to know what causes them. Then you can start the cleanup.

What Causes Water Stains

When it comes to internal leaking, there are a few different sources of water stains. While some might be a crack or leak in the roof, those aren’t the only causes. In fact, here are a few of the most common causes:

  • HVAC units
  • Skylights
  • Vents
  • Pipes
  • Damaged roof flashing or membrane

Anything that can allow moisture into your ceiling is a potential cause for water stains. If you find brown spots, your safest bet is to contact a roofing specialist to find out the underlying cause of the leak.

How to Clean Water Stains

The sooner you deal with a water stain, the easier it will be to repair it. Remember to make sure to deal with the underlying cause first or else you are going to end up with more staining. Here are a few ways to handle spots:

  • Create a bleach and water solution to clean the stain.
  • Paint over the area once the wall is dried.
  • If you have ceiling tile, remove the damaged tiles and replace it.
  • Use a sander to clear the damaged layer and then seal it.

Now, if you have mold with your stain, bleach and water should kill it. Remember to clear mold at the first sign of it.

Water stains tend to be unsightly and annoying at first, but it’s best to address stains before they become a larger problem. The longer that you live with a leak, the more likely you are to have extensive ceiling damage. For more information on ceiling solutions, call SRG Roofing at 1-855-860-3732 today!

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