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River Falls Apartments

Project : River Falls Apartments, Amarillo, TX

Modified Bitumen Multifamily Roof Repair

River Falls Apartments | Amarillo, TX

SRG Roofing is pleased to announce the successful completion of its torch applied Mod Bit roofing project on the River Falls Apartments located in Amarillo, Texas. In May of 2013, Amarillo was hit with a substantial sized storm that produced baseball sized hail. SRG Roofing was contracted to build new roofing structures on top of the existing structures so the roofs could properly drain. SRG Roofing also furnished and installed new torch applied ModBit roofing membranes on all of the new roofing structures.

SRG Roofing installed 113,200 square feet of Polyflex G 180 Torchable cap sheet that was manufactured by Polyglass. SRG Roofing is a certified contractor for Polyglass and was able to provide the client with a full system warranty that covers both labor and material defects. Request your free modified bitumen roofing estimate! Our roofing consultants can help you determine the best solution for your commercial, multifamily or industrial roofing needs. Call today 855.860.3732.

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